There are 7 Billion Smartphones in the World

Why get a Mobile  Friendly Website Now?

Consumers use their mobile devices to search for local mobile websites more then they use desktop systems. Think about it, what do you also take with you when you leave your home in the morning? Your wallet and mobile phone. Less then 25% of websites are optimized for the mobile experience and this results in high user dissatisfaction. A well designed mobile website will help make the user experience more satisfying and hopefully result in user calling or visiting your business. There are over 7 billion mobile phones in the world compared to 1 billion desktop systems (7 to 1 ratio). Can your business afford to be missing out on these potential customers? Get a leg up on your competitors and get a mobile website now. The WebSuperStore specializes in helping businesses get their mobile website and ensuring they can be found when people are searching for their products and/or services.

TheWebSuperStore is a premier provider of Mobile Website Services for the SMB market. Founded in 2006 we have grown to more then 5000 satisfied clients.  We are now focused on creating mobile websites for the SMB market and optimizing mobile websites for digital mobile advertising.

We offer a variety of services aimed at ensuring our clients optimize their web presence for the growing number of mobile  users accessing the web. Studies has shown there are over 7 Billion cell phone users worldwide compared to 1 Billion desktop users. SMBs need to ensure that these new prospects can contact and learn more about their businesses when they are accessing them from a mobile device (iphone, android, ipad, tablet).

We have partnered with best-in-class companies (hostgator, univeral business listing, google) that offer great technology and services which our clients will need to build, maintain, and grow their mobile website presence.

Please click on the link below to get a free analysis on how ready your desktop website is for mobile website visitors and then call us for a free evaluation and consultation:

We offer mobile website packages that should meet your business needs if you want to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or have us Do It For Me (DIFM) or be somewhere in between

Please feel free to call 1-408-340-5698 or email biguchi@aol.com or complete the contact us form for a free consultation and learn more about our exciting new services. We will get back to you within 24 hours of your inquiry regarding your mobile website requirements.