Q. Why get a mobile website now?

A. There are over 7 Billion mobile phone users in the world. They all use their phones to search for information about businesses and products on the web. Thing about it, what do you take with you when you wake-up in the morning? Your keys, wallet, and cell phone. This means the cell phone is with them all the time. What a good way to connect with your clients and prospects.

Q. What do we offer at TheWebSuperStore that is so unique?

Our Founder has spent many years in High Tech Companies and understands how small businesses are run and operated. His goal is to help small and medium size businesses optimize their web presense in a cost effective and efficient manner. We have searched the Internet and have found products and services that will allow you to get your business optimized for the Mobile Web Users.

Q. Why should I buy from TheWebSuperStore instead of buying directly from your Partners.

A. You can always buy from anyone you choose to buy from. We would hope you see value in the consultation and services we provide and continue to use us as your business partner. We reserve the right to change our Partners as business dictates. We also reserve the right to charge for time and material required to make changes requested by clients. Example.. You decide to change your web hosting provider. We will assist you in making change but may charge for time associated with assisting you and your new provider with changes.