Local Marketing

Most local businesses want to attract clients from their local area (within 60 miles). We have found that this is not a simple task when you consider the mulitude of channels that a prospect or client can get in contact with you. The consumer today is now mobile enabled (smartphones, ipads, etc) and want to get information immediately. Local businesses must ensure they have a website, facebook page, twitter, and be present on popular local search engines like Yelp,YP,Google Places, and Thumbtack. Businesses should also conduct Google Adwords Campaigns to ensure they get top positions on Search. Having a YouTube video is mandatory for ranking on the 1st page of Google.

TheWebSuperStore has created a set of customizable services aimed at delivering company awareness on the web and also calls to the business from interested prospects. Every business is different so we create a program that is right for the client and their respective budgets.

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