Top 10 Web Principles

designerTop 10 Website Design Principles


Please find top 10 best practices which users should follow when designing a mobile website:

1. Keep it Simple – Only show information mobile website viewers need. Use Bullet Points. Optimize images

2. Simplify Navigation – Use Home and Back Buttons Big Buttons work the best

3. Be Thumb-Friendly – Use large buttons and pad the small buttons

4. Design for Visiibility – Make the mobile website easy to read

5, Make it Accessible – Adapt your mobile website for both vertical and horizontal navigation

6, Make it Easy to Convert – Only use relevant information for conversion, Keep forms simple.

7. Make it Local – Have location on Home Page Include Maps and directions

8. Make it Seamless – Be consistent and allow users to save searches

9. Use Mobile Website Redirects – Give users choice to bet back to Desktop Website

10. Listen, Learn, and Iterate – Modify mobile website based upon User feedback